Christmas & Family Fortunes

January 2013

Well, Christmas has been and gone. Seems a long time ago now, except that the depth of snow in our garden has just reminded me that the Christmas 2012 weather wasn't very Christmasy. Snow – where were you?!! You see me, being a Tibetan Terrier, dus love the snow. Never mind, life's about making the best of everything, and that is what me and my humans did at Christmas – despite the rain.

We had Christmas in London because, you may remember, my 2leg brother and two 2leg sisters all have a baby – and all live in London. So, come 23rd December, our car was packed with presents and everything needed for a week in London, and with just a little space left for me, we headed south. And so it was, that Christmas this year was babies, babies, babies – but I tell you this, all three of'm love me – they really do. I swish round them with my furry, curly tail – I give them a little sniff and pretend to steal their toys. You should watch them giggle. You see, they just think I am a real live Teddy Bear – cos s'ppose that's what I do look like. I do my very bestest to be proper nice to them – cos not only dus that make the little people happy, it pleases their parents, and makes mum proud of me. A win-win situation.

So, with Christmas gone, the next thing looming on the Bacon horizon, was the All Star Family Fortunes programme – the 'star' being my minor celeb, BBC5Live presenter, 2leg brother, Richard Bacon. You will remember I talked about this in my last blog. Well, it was aired on ITV1 on 13th January – and yes, I did feature very, very, very briefly in it! Toldya not to blink!

It caused lots of excitement, as you can probably imagine, amongst Mum&Dad's friends. To be furhonest, I got sick of hearing about it. On the day it was on telly, mum got herself in such a state about watching it and fearful of what she would look like. Mums hey! She invited friends round for a wine & cheese evening to help her cope! Well, she did drink quite a lot of wine and I doubt she can remember much about the evening BOL (that's Bark Out Loud) – or what happened! So, I'll tell you what happened. The Bacon family won by the skin of their fur (sorry, teeth) and got £10,000 for 2leg brother's charity. Thank furgoodness for that. I would have been very embarrassed if they had lost. What would I tell my furpals! She might not admit it, but Mum's loved the feedback since. She loved it all really – bless her.

Even though she can be irritating at times, I do love my mum you know. At night I sleep in my basket in the kitchen, but, I am gonna let you into a secret. Whenever dad's away on business or whatever, I get to sleep on bed with mum! Mums the word.

Speak soon, and lots of love to all who read this blog. Bella Bacon

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