Birthdays & GrandChildren

14th November 2011

You know, I do think I am really lucky to have a birthday on the same day as my Mum – 25th October. So, I have recently had a birthday – I was two years old, and mum was – well, ancient.

Anyway, it truly was ‘such fun’! Mum does seem to have a lot of friends, and she does, well, like a drink (or two) of wine. You know, any excuse!  Her 25th October birthday wasn’t a special one but her like-minded doggy friends loved getting an invite to celebrate our joint birthdays. And, let me tell you, it certainly turned out to be more about me than her. She loves me loads so that me that was fine by both of us. To be honest, seems now to be a bit of a competition amongst her friends as to who gets me the best pressie! Actually, I love ‘m all and mum has taught me to show enthusiasm for everything.

It’s not really a hard lesson to learn – all a matter of reacting to a tone of voice!
Anyway, let me share a little concern with you. Mum has three kids (they’re all nice) but all becoming parents! Mmm…. see what I mean – am I about to get my furry nose pushed out? I don’t want to bore you, but I’ll run you through the problem anyway! Here goes…

Mum’s three children all got married in three consecutive years, and then, all three of them suddenly expecting babies within 6 months of each other, and - in the sibling order! First one here already. Baby Arthur, was born on 31st October (Halloween)! I cannot begin to tell you how ecstatic Mum was to know the family’s golden boy, Richard, had had a boy! Oh, don’t let’s go there. She’s in a time warp.

So moving on, Helena (middle offspring) is expecting a baby in February, and youngest one, Juliet, expecting baby in April.
You can now see the problem I’m facing. Most of mum’s friends are grandparents already, and I know she gets a bit fed up of listening to all their ‘twee’ adulating grandparent stories. Mum’s friends know what an animal lover she is. But, (this is the disturbing bit), they say to her – just wait till you have grandchildren.

So where does this leave me? We’ve all heard of folk getting rid of the dog when baby arrives. Just hoping that doesn’t happen to me with grandbabies on the scene. Somehow, don’t think so, but any help or advice, feel free to get in touch.

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