A Busy Month!

28th March 2012

Blimey, it's been a  busy month. Feel like so much has happened since my last blog. Not least of all the fact that on Mum's weekly, girly (middleagedwomen) Monday afternoon dog walk this week, me and some of my furry friends went paddling in some proper filthy, muddy waters in the woods where we meet, and it was such fun.  The cackling women were too busy cackling to notice! Anyway, notice they eventually did, and Mum was horrified. So we get home, and she showers me in her bedroom shower (pic attached). It was in the afternoon, so she got away with it, if you get my drift – dad was at work. You see, this is where my mum and dad have big difference of opinion. Mum likes me on the bed, happy for me to be in shower with her, sit on chair next to her at table, etc.etc.  It drives dad mad – and I finks they need to see one of those….what they called…. Counsellors?

Anyway, in other news, Mum's eldest daughter/middle child, called Helena (got that), gave birth to her first baby (and mum's second grandchild) on 2nd March, a little girl, Eliza Rose.  I haven't met her yet, but get this, Mum&Dad tell me I will get to meet her on Mother's Day, on 18th March.

And now for the most exciting news of all – I have found the furry boy of my dreams. He's a Tibetan Terrier, like me. He's mainly black – I'm mainly white – and I just think we make the perfect Black&White TT couple. He is called Harvey and is so handsome – see attached pic and judge for yourselves. We are engaged because he proposed to me on Twitter (my furry heart is a'fluttering as I write this). Watch out for more details.

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