30th March 2011

Swimming - that's what she wants me to do now - Mum that is. You see, Mum has a flat in a cute little seaside resort called Whitby - had it for years, and don't I know it. Don't get me wrong, I love going, and racing along the beach is just the best - but.....she wants me to swim in the sea!! It's freezing - have you ever tried it? All I hear is that 'Scamper' used to absolutely love swimming in the sea - Scamper, of course, being family pet before me.

So anyway, in Mum's attempts to get me swimming in the sea she decided to start taking me to a place in Sutton-in-Ashfield called the Sherwood Hydrotherapy Pool. I have to say it's a lovely place (and they sell doggy snacks), but the first couple of times she took me, Mum got in the pool with me - just me and her.

Honestly, I was petrified - I could swim, of course.. .us dogs do it automatically if we have to, but I hated it. But third time we went, the owner Geoff went in with me instead of Mum (I understand he is a 'Police Dog Handler'). Geoff is lovely, and suddenly I loved swimming.

Everytime we go now I am so excited. So Mum then thinks that cos I enjoy swimming with Geoff in a lovely heated pool with no waves, that I will like swimming in the sea. I'm sorry, but the noise of those big waves is so scary. Why can't she see that there is a huge difference between a local doggie pool and the sea! The waves didn't scare 'Scamper' of course! Oh, no. Apparently he would swim so far out that Mum would be shouting him to come back - and she tells that story as though it's something to be proud of. Well. I'm sorry, but this is one battle I've won.

Love swimming with Geoff in the Sherwood Hydrotherapy Pool - love running and prancing along Whitby sands, but no, I'm not going swimming in the North Sea, or any other sea for that matter! Sorry, Mum - love you loads though. Wuff - X.