Pet Passport

June 2012

Well, honestly, so much has happened since my last blog, I hardly know where to start – not least of all that I've just arrived back from my second trip abroad – with my Pet Passport. So proud of my Pet Passport, I am. It's in a lovely blue folder and I feel so proud when we are going through Passport Control at the Chunnel place. I sit in back of car with mum with my fluffy head held high, whilst sticking out my white furry chest. As you can imagine, with a mum like mine, I'm bathed, brushed and fluffed up before going on holiday. I'm not complaining, mind, cos I am after all a girl doggie, and like all females, get a confidence boost from that 'I Feel Pretty' feeling. Now last year you might remember, we had apartment in the south of France, but this year we stayed in a doggie friendly hotel in north of France – a place called Le Touquet (think that's how you spell it). I'm not ever so good at spelling or geography but I tries my best.

I know south is down and north is up – and so this year Uncle Terry (he does the driving) didn't have as much driving to do. I just love holidays cos I get to sleep on bed with Mum&Dad, and the three of us have just had 4 nights on the biggest of beds, so I got to stretch out and sleep with my 4 furry legs in the air!

So now to my other news. You won't believe this but I have been on ITV's This Morning programme again – for the second time – with Philip Schofield and Holly Willoughby. I mean – well, what can I say, it was so exciting and mum was so proud. You know us dogs, we just love to make our mums happy. Basically, if they're happy, we're happy – that is a doggie fact of life. Tell you what, though, mum's 3 grown-up 2legs kids would agree with me there. She's not the easiest of people to please!

So anyway, this time I had to model a dog life jacket. On the programme I modelled this flippin jacket to perfection, and, though I say it myself, behaved impeccably. However, the day before, I was taken to Richmond Park for (here's one I did earlier) demonstration of swimming in the life jacket. To achieve this, Mum threw me in the river in the said life jacket! Where's the RSPCA when you need'm!

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