Charity Dog Show - Berry Hill Park, Mansfield

22nd June 2011

This is an amazing story. I am not trying to blow my own trumpet - honest...but you know, and I know, and virtually the whole world knows just how proud Mum is of me. She is always telling someone how gorgeous I am - in fact, I think her friends get quite bored of listening to her talk about me, but she doesn't realise that!

So anyway, Mum recently organised a Charity Dog Show in Berry Hill Park, Mansfield (a Park where I am often taken for walks), but she doesn't let me enter the competition! I didn't get it. How can you have a Mum who is SO proud of you, but won't let you enter a dog competition that she herself is organising? She tied me up, can you believe, at the entrance to the show ring wearing my smartest and brightest collar and lead. So there I had to sit - IN THE RAIN - and watch her fussing and stroking every dog that entered. She completely ignored me - she did really. I kept my tail wagging but gosh I was so annoyed.

You see, one of the proudest moments of her life, she says, is when I won the Armitage Pet Care Dog Model competition in Nottingham last year. So why then I couldn't enter a dog competition in her favourite local Park, I just couldn't understand. And as I wasn't allowed to enter, why did she take me there at all - to do little more than stand there for hours and get soaked? Perhaps she wanted the competitors to look at me, as the winner of the Armitage competition, to see what they could aspire to! Well, that's the only reason I could think of.

To make things worse, the 1st and 2nd winners in each category got some brilliant doggie prizes - all supplied, I understand, by Armitage Pet Care. And why were they supplied by Armitage - yes, you've got it - because I won the Dog Model competition. Oh, do you know what - I'm going to forget about it - and about Tilly, the Spaniel who was the overall winner, and whose owner walked away with an armful of prizes including a luxurious doggy bed. She was cute though, and to be fair, there were lots of lovely dogs and puppies - but - it should have been me!

Love you really, Mum - you do your best. Bless. X

PS I didn't even get one of those Good Boy consolation prizes that all the dogs were given!