My Christmas

20th January 2011

Well, I can certainly think of better Christmas presents than blue dog bootees. One of mum's friends had been to New York and seen these awful rubber boots and honestly thought I would like them. I felt really silly when mum put them on me to go for a walk - and then took photos. But the good news was that they came off after walking a few yards! Mum did get me a beautiful new lead for Christmas, but now wont let me wear it in case I chew it - so what was the point of that. If it's my lead, why can't I chew it. I got lots of nice foody treats though, and a furry Santa Claus whose beard I soon pulled off. I loved tearing up all the Christmas wrapping paper and running off with things that weren't meant for me. Mum chases me but I'm much too fast for her and she soon gives up!

The best part of Christmas though was when dad was putting up the Christmas tree and there was lots of snow outside. I kept taking the decorations when he wasn't looking and running outside with them. Oh, he did get cross - he's funny cos he never stays cross for long. Gosh, I did love all that snow, although I wish it wouldn't cling to my fur. Sometimes there was so much snow stuck to me that mum had to put me in a warm bath to get all the snowballs off. It was just a year ago on 22nd December that I came to live with mum and dad in Mansfield, and it was snowing then, and there were Christmas lights twinkling everywhere in the house. I think I am always going to love Christmas - and the snow!