Swanton Abbott - Norfolk

15th February 2012

Gosh, times flies. It's beginning of February already and only few weeks to go before there's another baby due in the Bacon family, and then, six weeks after that, there'll be a third baby in the family. I do worry about my furry nose getting pushed out, but then, deep down inside my furry tummy, I think – well, I know really that mum's kids are well aware as to where I come in the pecking order.

It's funny really, cos come Christmas/birthdays (even Easter) they're all in bit of competition with each other as to who gets best pressie for me – and trust me, I well know it's not me they're really trying to please – if you get my drift.

Life's generally about keeping mum happy in this family! And on that very topic, you'll remember from my last blog that Dad's Christmas present to mum was a long weekend in a luxury, doggy friendly, cottage in Norfolk. In January. Well, it was a thatched barn actually. And, honest, it was luxury. Well,so Mum said – and that's what matters! Felt so pleased for dad, I did. Not often he gets it right, bless him. Actually, he didn't completely get it right (no surprise there). You see, Mum has to do all the driving, and the drive to this barn in an obscure part of Norfolk called Swanton Abbott, seemed to take – well – forever! About three and half hours actually with all the flippin' traffic problems, and that was just to get to the general area. This was when the fun started. It was dark by this time. Up that lane, down this road, round and round they went and could they heck as find it. It was well past my dinner time and I was getting hungrier and hungrier. They would have heard my tummy rumbling had they not been shouting at each other.

You see Dad's usually well good at navigating, but cos he didn't get it right straight away, and it was dark, and mum was tired – well, you can imagine can't you! After about an hour of searching, they finally came across 'the Barn'! Phew- what a relief for the 3 of us! Whilst the grumptious humans were emptying the car I had a good sniff round. Heyho, there's wabbits round here, I thought, it's gonna be good. And it was good. We hadn't been long inside this really warm, proper posh and comfy place, before Mum was snuggled into the deep sofa in front of a fire with a big glass of wine (after they'd given me my dinner, of course)! From that moment on I knew that 'mum's Christmas present' was about to me fun for all of us. And it was. We went on some brill beach walkies. Best bit for me though when they take me on hols with them is I get to sleep in their bedroom. Love it, love it, I do. And get this, mum wants to go back, so that says – well, everything!

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