My 15 Minutes of Fame!

23rd February 2011

I got my 15 minutes of fame last week! I did, honestly! I was on ITV's This Morning television. It happened like this.

Mum got a call from one of the Producers of the programme to ask if I would like to take part in a feature called 'Canine Cookery.' They wanted 4 dogs to taste food made from 3 different recipes books for dogs. Well, Mum, as you can imagine was SO excited. She cancelled everything she had got on and drove me down to London the next evening, after bathing me and fluffing me up.

At 7.45 the next morning we were collected by taxi and taken to the the ITV studios which Mum told me was at 'Southbank' - whatever that means. When we arrived we were in the lift with someone called Jo Swash (who is apparently famous) and his little, annoying dog called 'Bertie'. Bertie spoiled everything for me. He wouldn't leave me alone and I didn't even like him - and, he 'disgraced' himself several times in the meeting room, if you know what I mean. I can tell you now, this story doesn't end well because Mum wasn't pleased with me. Thing was, apart from having to put up with Bertie, Mum kept whipping a grooming brush out of her bag which got very tedious - I mean any dog, or human for that matter, would get fed up with being brushed every few minutes for about 3 hours.

At 11.15 am the big moment came, and me and the other 3 dogs were all taken by different 'celebrities' onto a specially pawprint decorated studio to taste the recipes. That was a bit odd - me and the other dogs couldn't understand why our mums didn't come with us. Well, three hours of Bertie, and that brush, left me so very worn out that whilst the presenters, called I believe, Holly and Philip, kept talking for what seemed like forever, I thought I would get a little nap, and lay down, which was so pleasant under the warmth of the studio lights. Apparently, that was not what I was supposed to do. When the presenters had finished talking, we were let free from our leads to go and sample the doggie recipes. Mum hadn't given me any breakfast that morning because she had wanted me to eat this very peculiar looking food in front of cameras. But you know what hunger is like, you eventually get past it, and I was more than happy for the mad Bertie, a dalmation and a spaniel to devour all the food whilst I had a rest.

Mum keeps telling me I let her down, but you know what, she couldn't complain about my behaviour - I did nothing naughty, apart from not eating the food! I have since seen a DVD of that programme (cos mum couldn't resist showing it to her friends), and I have to say, I do look pretty good on it - so perhaps that brushing paid off!