My Birthday Treats

10th December 2010

Wow, my first birthday on 25th October was really special. I could sort of sense the excitement in the house as it approached because the 25th October happened to also be my mum's birthday, and she kept giving people a card with a picture of her and me on as the date drew closer. I then realised she was inviting people to call in on the day. I just know she adores me, and she seems to love the fact that we share the same birthday.

Well, she bathed me and fluffed me up the night before, and very early on the morning - it was a Monday - the postman knocked at the door - he doesn't usually knock, and I am not very keen on our postman so I barked very loudly and tried to sound ferocious, But guess what - he had brought a very large box, full of toys, for me! Mum was as excited as I was - 'Gosh', she exclaimed, 'They're from Armitage.' First out of the box was 'Windpipes'. Well he would make any dog's birthday special cos he is so brightly coloured he just seems to spread happiness around the house - he is such fun and great for tug of war games, particularly as his long arms make cute squeaking noises.

Next out of the box came 'Recorder Dog'. He is just amazing. Mum was immediately fascinated and she kept talking to him! After her 'chat' with him, he could actually say my name when I had got him in my mouth, and what I just couldn't understand was, that it just sounded like her voice. I am still trying to figure that one out, but it is sort of comforting to hear mum's voice calling me even when she goes out. Next out of the box came 'Jumpin' Jabbers'.

Now he is dark brown, round, furry and a bit grumpy looking. As I am quite good at standing on my hind legs, I love to grab him by one of his floppy ears, stand up, then throw him as far as I can - you wont believe this but when I do that he comes jumping and rolling back to me. He's like a homing bird - he just keeps coming back. I think I'm tough but he sure is hardy.

So, as you can imagine, I had a great day. Mum and her friends kept drinking pale, fizzy stuff and laughing a lot, but they were really nice people because they all bought me presents and kept saying how pretty I am - and I like to believe them! At the end Mum brought out a bone shaped 'cake' with one candle on it and everyone sang happy birthday. The cake had tripe in it and was absolutely delicious. All my furry friends were given a bit to take home - in a doggy bag, of course.