My Vet Visit

3rd April 2011

To be honest, April's not been a good month. I've had an operation! Mum took me to the Vets. I couldn't understand it because I wasn't ill, and I had already been for the booster injection - I remember that well cos the people in the surgery Mum was talking to whilst we were waiting were saying how pretty I am.

Now I know that sounds incredibly conceited, but the things is I don't really know whether I am nice looking or not. I don't get the chance to sit hours looking at myself in a mirror, like Mum does. I just sit at her feet, and she doesn't exactly say, 'Jump on the dressing table Bella and have a look at yourself!' She wouldn't have time for that - it takes her long enough to put her make-up on as it is. So when I hear people say nice things to Mum about me, I love it, not least of all because I just can sense Mum's pride - if she were a peacock her plumage would become huge.

So anyway, Mum takes me to the Vetsone morning, gives me a cuddle and leaves me there. I don't remember much more than being picked up later in the day. I felt awful and my tummy was so sore. I didn't understand at that point what had happened to me. I kept licking my stitches so then Mum put a plastic cone on my head to try and stop me. I was distraught. 'Not putting up with this I thought', so I howled and howled till she had to take it off. I wasn't well for a long time and I know mum was worried. What I discovered listening to her talk endlessly to her friends about my 'operation' was that the procedure was to stop me having puppies. Can you believe that? I mean, Mum has had three children. How would she have felt had someone marched her off for such a procedure when she was young? It beggars belief, it really does.

I am much better now though, and I'm ok about things because I know I am much loved. But I do think it's a bit strange. If I'm that pretty, surely I would have had some gorgeous babies.

Any thoughts on the subject, do get in touch. Wuff-wuff, lol. X